IT networks, ENTERPRISE WIFI Management and AV Installations for Businesses

Transform your business with ultra-fast enterprise WiFibusiness network design, video on demand solutions for boardrooms and corporate digital signage. We’ve developed user-centric, customised IT solutions for offices built around the following services:
Enterprise Wifi Solutions: Management and Optimisation
Business Network Design, Deployment and Optimisation
IPTV, Video on Demand and Digital Signage Design and Installation
VOD’s Customised Business IT-solutions

We get involved right from the start, guiding you through optimal network and audio-visual design, digital signage for corporates, business WiFi network deployment and installation. Providing you with leading hardware and software, sustained by professional and friendly support and aftercare

Medium to Big Business

With almost a decade of experience in providing digital business solutions, VOD is best placed to assist you with IT Infrastructure requirements. Our vast internal skills allow us to work with your IT team from the ground up and design a world-class digital ecosystem.

Experience the VOD side of fast internet and robust business networks

Access the best enterprise WiFi solutions and experience seamless connectivity across your business and brand.

VOD Business Network Design and Enterprise WiFi Solutions

Transform your business and employee experience through high-speed internet for offices, school campuses and hospitals. We take care of every detail of your enterprise WiFi solution so that you can run your business efficiently.

VOD is an IT solutions company that provides business-class performance, managed from the cloud for faster deployment, simplified administration, and richer visibility.

Delivering robust performance through experience
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VOD solutions are for large commercial properties only

Technology Services Building Blocks

Offering a variety of technology and enterprise WiFi solutions, we will assess the current business IT infrastructure along with encompassing brand standards and industry trends to address the needs of the property and the wants of the end user, maximising the potential of your business network design.

Full Solution Configuration

Project Scoping & Risk Analysis

Preventative Maintenance

Full Solution Deployment

Site Survey & Requirements Analysis

24/7 – 365 Support and Helpdesk


Service Level Agreements

Business Case Studies


“VOD Media has done work across our 9 agencies. Their work ethic has been fantastic. They are professional and the quality of work is outstanding. We are looking forward to building a longstanding relationship with them.

If you are looking for anything media or wifi related, these are your guys!”
Warren Lawrence
Head: Group IT
“Hospitality Technology Innovators and Trendsetters... These are the first words that comes to mind when describing VOD Media. The team is more than just IPTV, Wi-Fi and accompanying peripherals installers/ fundi's. They've over the past 7 years become true business partners sharing in our business risks and have been an integral part of our guest satisfaction successes. The Westin Cape Town is well known for its amazing accommodation, event space offering and guest’s in-room entertainment. Onwards and Upwards Team VOD!!”
Westin/Marriot International (Westin Cape Town)
Ricardo Pollard
Director of IT
"VOD Media has undertaken the supply and installation of HSIA and IPTV systems on some of our hotel projects. The team at VOD Media are proficient, cooperative, professional, and have been on the mark with their delivery on every project to date."
Ethnic Technologies Africa
Tony Leca
“VOD was key player in offering a solution to a number of Legacy managed hotels in upgrading the video platform in the hotel rooms. The back-up support is seamless and quick with the clients needs in mind “
Legacy Hotels & Resorts
Robert Hodson
Chief Operating Officer

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