MGB Hotel


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MGB Hotel is situated in the heart of Sibasa, North east of Louis Trichardt just 5 Km from Thohoyandou CBD and Thohoyandou Stadium in the Vhembe District, Limpopo Province.

Project Scope

We were approached by the owners of the group to design and deploy a state of the art guest management platform. This would enable the hotel to offer their guests the very latest technology, encompassing High-Definition Tv channels, High speed internet distribution and content sharing. The solution offered is of the highest international standards as is a true reflection of this unique, exciting and beautiful hotel.


  • Hotel and Convention Center in the heart of Sibasa


  • Full IPTV with screens in each room and in common areas
  • Full HSIA with Wi-Fi coverage throughout the property
  • Third party PMS integration


  • Hoist IPTV and HSIA Server.
  • WISI Chameleon Headend.
  • 80 LG Hospitality Screens.
  • Ruckus Smartzone Controller
  • 67 Ruckus Access Points
  • Aruba Enterprise Switching


  • Future proof network
  • Full Wi-Fi coverage
  • Excellent bandwidth management
  • Clear HP streaming with an intuitive GUI

The Solution

A full fiber backbone and cat6 network was designed to accommodate and future proof this property for future upgrades paired with a complete Aruba enterprise switch network that was designed to allow for uninterrupted connectivity for all Ruckus access points, LG TV’s and Chromecast devices.

The heart of the entire solution is the Hoist Fusion platform, where a single Dell server is used to allow for monitoring and managing of all the IPTV devices as well as the entire HSIA service, Google Chromecasts and client devices which require seamless internet connectivity providing the best guest experience.

A full Ruckus Wireless Management Deployment with a Ruckus Smartzone controller and access points ranging from specialized in-room access points, where multiple services can connect directly to a wired point in the room, to larger in-door Access points to allow for perfect signal levels and excellent through-put speeds to every single laptop, mobile device or casting device.

LG Hospitality TV’s were chosen to deliver the highest quality of HD signals in-room for guests to enjoy. The Fusion gateway allows for an interactive guest user interface (GUI) which was custom designed for this property. The look and feel of a branded GUI brings a special and personal touch to the in-room experience.

The best in channel steaming equipment was used to get the most out of what LG and Multichoice has to offer. The WISI Chameleon headend was used to allow for 80 Full HD quality channels to be broadcasted to each room and public space.

To provide the final touches and to increase the quality of the guest experience, Google Chromecast were provided for every room so guest could connect their own devices and play personalized media. 

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The Result

Due to the efficiency of the Hoist Fusion platform, the solution was able to provide effective bandwidth management that provided guest great connectivity within reasonable expectations given the initial available bandwidth. With the design of the network and services, any future upgrade to the available bandwidth would be easily accommodated.

The Ruckus deployment provided full Wi-Fi coverage throughout the property with excellent handover for roaming devices. The service was tied to the property’s PMS interface to provide room based authentication for guests, allowing for control over available bandwidth plans.

The IPTV network provided crisp clear HD streaming to all the LG screens, allowing for the best guest experience possible.