Marriott Hotel


Melrose Arch

The Marriott Hotel Melrose Arch is the premium business hotel in Johannesburg providing state-of-the-art business facilities within the Melrose Arch Precinct, vibrating with the energy of the myriad trendy cafés, high-street boutiques, and al fresco restaurants just moments from its doorstep. Featuring 306 Rooms & Suites including a contingent of sharing rooms ideal for groups.

The hotel part is managed by Marriott International Group, and the residential element is managed by The Amdec Group themselves.

Project Scope

Apart from the already challenging design and deployment of the IPTV and HSIA infrastructure, the inclusion of third-party networks was a significant challenge. The requirements and implementation had to be coordinated to ensure all devices were communicating on the network.

Another challenge was the need to implement the same Hoist Fusion solution across both the hotel and the apartments sections, while still keeping each in a separate domain with a different look and feel. Likewise the Wi-FI landing pages were unique to each section.


  • Johannesburg Marriott Hotel, Melrose Arch and Apartments
  • Tier 1 Hotel
  • 500+ Rooms


  • Full IPTV solution
  • Full HSIA with coverage in all rooms and common areas
  • Third Party integration of BMS, VoIP phones and Door locks


  • Anivea Headend
  • Hoist IPTV and HSIA Server
  • 500+ LG Hospitality Screen
  • Ruckus Smartzone
  • 650+ Access Points
  • Ruckus ICX Switches
  • Google Chromecast


  • WiFi coverage across the entire property with great signal quality
  • Chromecast in every room
  • Third party networks integrated into the switching network

The Solution

The heart of the entire solution is the Hoist Fusion platform, where a single Dell server is used to allow for monitoring and managing of all the IPTV devices as well as the entire HSIA service, Google Chromecasts and client devices which require seamless internet connectivity providing the best guest experience.

A full Ruckus Wireless Management Deployment with a Ruckus Smartzone controller and access points ranging from specialized in-room access points to larger in-door Access points to allow for perfect signal levels and excellent through-put speeds to every single laptop, mobile device or casting device.

LG Hospitality TV’s were chosen to deliver the highest quality of HD signals in-room for guests to enjoy. The Fusion gateway allows for an interactive guest user interface (GUI) which was custom designed for this property. The look and feel of a branded GUI brings a special and personal touch to the in-room experience. Individual GUI designs were implemented for the hotel and the apartments.

To provide the final touches and to increase the quality of the guest experience, Google Chromecast were provided for every room so guest could connect their own devices and play personalized media.

Several third-party solutions had to be connected to the central network. Individual switch port configurations had to be implemented for each solution.

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