Fast, Reliable High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) for Hotels and Businesses

Large buildings such as hotels and businesses have a much greater demand for high-speed internet access (HSIA) that is reliable and built to be scalable. Let us integrate your Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB) internet network to ensure that your guests or staff can access the internet on demand, without delay or lag, through WiFi – no matter the size of your business or hotel.

Fast and Reliable WiFi Internet Connectivity

At VOD Group, we care about providing our clients with WiFi services that they can count on to provide high-speed internet to many users at the same time.

Lightning-fast HSIA speeds mean faster downloads, uploads, and streaming across your building

A consistently reliable connection means minimal downtime
Equally fast download and upload speeds mean smooth video conferencing and file-sharing
No data caps mean your network enjoys unlimited data usage for all your business or hotel needs
Low latency means access to critical applications and cloud services without delays

Advanced network management tools mean the ability to monitor and optimise network performance

Bespoke integrations mean that you only pay for what will benefit your business or hotel

Dedicated support means any connectivity issues are dealt with quickly and effectively

Increase Productivity in Your Business with High-Speed Internet Access

Upgrade your business connectivity today with FTTB high-speed internet access (HSIA) and experience faster downloads, smoother video conferencing, and improved productivity. With our reliable, lightning-fast service, you can ensure that your team stays connected and engaged, no matter where they are. Don’t let slow internet speeds hold your business back any longer. Speak to us about a business solution that fits your requirements.

Improve Hotel Guests’ Experiences with FTTB WiFi that Provides Content on Demand

Transform your hotel guests’ experience by improving their ability to connect with the content and services they need when they need them. FTTB and High-speed Internet Access (HSIA) enable multiple guests to stream content and use internet-based services at the same time. This way, you can make sure that there is not a moment’s delay or frustration that could put a damper on their stay. Get in touch with us to talk about a hospitality solution that will keep up with your demands.

Why FTTB Internet is Necessary for Scalable, High-Performing networks

Fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) internet is essential for networks that have a large demand for internet access across multiple devices, users, servers, etc. It provides a greater, more reliable bandwidth for traffic to flow seamlessly as opposed to traditional broadband connections. Some features of FTTB include:

Enhance the Security of Your Hotel or Business’s WiFi Network

If you’re looking for a highly secure and reliable internet solution for your business or hotel, high-speed internet may be the perfect fit for your needs. With FTTB-based connections, your data travels over a dedicated fibre-optic cable that provides a higher level of security and encryption than traditional, lower-performing networks:

Providing Support for Any Technical FTTB Internet Issues

At VOD Media, we are experts in high-speed internet connections. We are with you through the entire lifecycle of your business, hotel, or site’s FTTB network:
Installation and integration of high-speed FTTB connections
Maintenance of networks to ensure continuous reliability
Scaling your network as and where your needs increase
Support for technical issues or help to troubleshoot possible problems


“VOD Media has done work across our 9 agencies. Their work ethic has been fantastic. They are professional and the quality of work is outstanding. We are looking forward to building a longstanding relationship with them.

If you are looking for anything media or wifi related, these are your guys!”
Warren Lawrence
Head: Group IT
“Hospitality Technology Innovators and Trendsetters... These are the first words that comes to mind when describing VOD Media. The team is more than just IPTV, Wi-Fi and accompanying peripherals installers/ fundi's. They've over the past 7 years become true business partners sharing in our business risks and have been an integral part of our guest satisfaction successes. The Westin Cape Town is well known for its amazing accommodation, event space offering and guest’s in-room entertainment. Onwards and Upwards Team VOD!!”
Westin/Marriot International (Westin Cape Town)
Ricardo Pollard
Director of IT
"VOD Media has undertaken the supply and installation of HSIA and IPTV systems on some of our hotel projects. The team at VOD Media are proficient, cooperative, professional, and have been on the mark with their delivery on every project to date."
Ethnic Technologies Africa
Tony Leca
“VOD was key player in offering a solution to a number of Legacy managed hotels in upgrading the video platform in the hotel rooms. The back-up support is seamless and quick with the clients needs in mind “
Legacy Hotels & Resorts
Robert Hodson
Chief Operating Officer

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