Access Control Systems

As a business owner, effectively managing the movement within your premises is paramount to the safety, security, efficiency and convenience of your customers, guests, staff and stock.

You can gain complete control and oversight of your premises with our advanced access control systems. Whether for your hotel, retail store, educational campus, or business premises, our access control solutions offer a wide range of capabilities designed to enhance security and streamline access management.

Our Range of Access Control Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Choose from a Diverse Selection of Access Control Systems

RFID and Electronic Door Locks

Our smart door locks use RFID best practices to provide secure access control systems for hotel rooms and they are fully compatible with our mobile key solution.

RFID Card Access

Enable convenient access with RFID cards, seamlessly granting and revoking access for personnel and visitors.

Mobile Key Solutions

An access control system for hotel rooms that allows guests to easily transform their mobile phones into room keys.

Biometric Access Control

Advanced biometric technologies like facial recognition and fingerprint access control provide unparalleled protection against unauthorised entry.

RFID Vehicle Access Control

An RFID security access control system that keeps track of what vehicles are coming and going on your premises.

CCTV Systems

Our CCTV systems can be seamlessly integrated into your network for precise record-keeping, optimum security, and easy monitoring.

RFID Asset Tracking

Keep track of your assets and inventory with RFID security access control systems to prevent theft and monitor stock.

Visitor Management

Ensure that you know exactly who visited your premises on any given day without having to keep a manual register.

RFID Retail Security System

Keep your retail stock and premises safe with our RFID retail security system.

Streamlined Software Management and Ongoing Support with VOD Media

As experts in installing and monitoring access control systems in South Africa, VOD Media can seamlessly integrate any of these access control solutions into your organisation’s network. We understand that each client has unique needs, and our team excels at integrating multiple technologies to create a customised access control solution that perfectly suits your requirements. Whether it be for electronic door locks or integrated CCTV systems, get in touch today and we’ll get you sorted.

Unlock the Power of Access Control Systems

Keep a Detailed Record of All Comings and Goings

Our access control systems meticulously track access, capturing the exact details of when and where, who or what, entered or exited your premises, ensuring comprehensive accountability and precision.

Beyond People — Safeguard Vehicles, Stock, and More

Access control and security systems can extend beyond human access, securing vehicles, stock, and any form of movement within your premises, providing an all-encompassing security solution.

Simplify Time and Attendance Tracking

You can seamlessly integrate access control systems with your payroll system, enabling accurate time and attendance tracking to comply with labour regulations effortlessly. When arriving or leaving work, staff members may be required to tap an RFID card, scan their ID card as part of an ID card access control system, or scan their fingerprint using biometric access control.

Effortlessly Allow or Restrict Access

Managers can easily adjust access permissions, granting or revoking access privileges with just a few clicks, ensuring that only authorised individuals or stock can enter designated areas at specified times. Electronic door locks, RFID cards and mobile key solutions make it easy to grant and restrict access as hotel guests come and go, for instance, providing a suitable access control system for hotel rooms.

Elevate Convenience and Hygiene

Guests and visitors can effortlessly scan their mobile phones, RFID cards or use contactless biometric access control (facial recognition or hand wave readers) instead of carrying physical keys, eliminating the hassle of finding or losing keys. Additionally, reducing physical contact promotes better hygiene practices.

Boost Operational Efficiency

By eliminating time-consuming manual record-keeping and reducing human errors associated with traditional admission systems, access control solutions also significantly improve efficiency, allowing your staff to focus on core tasks and your customers to experience maximum convenience.

Prevent Theft, Data Loss, and Security Breaches

Access control and security systems act as a powerful deterrent against unauthorised access, mitigating the risks of theft, data breaches, and other security incidents that could jeopardise your business.

Unmatched Security and Convenience with High-end Technologies

High-tech solutions like electronic door locks, biometric access control and mobile key solutions provide foolproof security, utilising technologies such as RFID cards, facial recognition and touchless wave readers. Mobile key solutions offer enhanced convenience, allowing guests, students, or employees to use their phones or cards for seamless access.

“Effectively managing the movement within your premises”


“VOD Media has done work across our 9 agencies. Their work ethic has been fantastic. They are professional and the quality of work is outstanding. We are looking forward to building a longstanding relationship with them.

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Director of IT
"VOD Media has undertaken the supply and installation of HSIA and IPTV systems on some of our hotel projects. The team at VOD Media are proficient, cooperative, professional, and have been on the mark with their delivery on every project to date."
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“VOD was key player in offering a solution to a number of Legacy managed hotels in upgrading the video platform in the hotel rooms. The back-up support is seamless and quick with the clients needs in mind “
Legacy Hotels & Resorts
Robert Hodson
Chief Operating Officer

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