Hoist Group Mobile Key Solutions by VOD Media

Open the Door with the Technique of Tomorrow

A smartphone is a remarkable tool, especially for travellers, and along with increased connectivity we are finding new uses everywhere. Our Mobile Key solution is more than just a key to the room - it allows guests to check-in online, receive their room key via an app and go straight to their room. There is no longer any reason for guests to begin their hotel stay standing in a long queue.


Improve Guest Experience and Loyalty

Give your guests a more comfortable, relaxing and hasslefree stay. Improve the guest experience and build customer loyalty with a Mobile Key solution that brings a number of time saving features directly to their smartphones.

Maximise Your Revenue – E-Concierge

Once the Mobile Key solution is installed on your guests' smartphone, you have a new communication channel between your hotel and your guest. Beyond opening the door, Mobile Key can be used to chat and provide e-concierge services, push hotel information or special offers.

PMS Integration
The RFID Lock can be integrated with most common Property Management Systems. This simplifies the process of issuing the key cards at check in as the staff can use one system instead of two.

Benefits for the Guest

No more queing at the front desk
Secure, hassle-free access to your room.

Share your Mobile Key
Securely share your Mobile Key with a travel partner.

Order room service or a taxi by chatting with the front desk from your smartphone - both before and during your stay.

Environmentally friendly
Reduce the use of plastic key cards.

Benefits for the Hotel

Easier operation
With less stress at peak hours, online contact with your guests and online warning for low battery on the hardware, you can provide more relaxed and efficient service to your guests.

Hotel staff access
Manage the room and back office access for your staff or provide secure on-demand access to visitors or contractors - even if you are not on-site.

Increase revenue
Use the e-concierge function to push promotions, hotel information and receive guest requests to boost your sales.

Hotel app integration
Does your hotel already have its own app? Not a problem. Our solution includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) for easy integration.


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  • RFID + Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Available as an upgrade kit if you already have a lock from Hoist Group
  • Works for lifts, entrance doors and most other access types
  • A secure cloud based key management system
  • Standalone or integrated in your own app
  • Supports iOS and Android
  • PMS integration




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