Hoist Group Fusion Dashboard by VOD Media

Improve Your Guest Experience with Fusion Dashboard

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to How is the network performing? How much Internet bandwidth is used during peak times? Which devices are guests connecting with? Fusion Dashboard can answer all of these and other frequent questions you might have regarding your network operations and guest services.

Fusion Dashboard serves your IT and Management staff both locally at individual hotel sites and globally at your head offices. Fusion Dashboard is delivered through our Fusion Platform and is included in the advanced packages of Fusion Internet and Fusion TV.


Why Fusion Dashboard?

SettiHigh-Speed Internet Access, TV and other guest-facing technology services are an integral part of the overall guest experience. Fusion Dashboard enables you to manage the availability and quality of these services, and allows you to anticipate both short and long-term changes without having to rely on external parties to collect relevant data.

What does Fusion Dashboard cover?

Users can access Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as bandwidth usage, service availability, infrastructure status, client devices overview and more.

Fusion Dashboard presents a number of widgets for the individual KPIs. It adapts to different screen sizes and displays optimally on laptops, tablets and smartphones.


All essential facts at your fingertips: thanks to the area-centric view and reports, you immediately distinguish the issues much more efficiently as well as the smoothrunning systems.

24/7 availability Fusion Dashboard is available at all times and always reflects the latest network and service information.

Informed decision-making Reliable, consolidated data allows you to make well-founded investment decisions based on your actual internet line and network equipment usage before reaching their maximum capacities.


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  • Serving individual hotels as well as hotel chains
  • Custom designed interface for chain and regional managers
  • Zoomable map to navigate to individual countries, cities or properties
  • Run a health-check on your services via the 20+ available widgets (Infrastructure, portals, PMS, TV, Chromecast, Mobile key...)
  • Search reports by Business, Service and Technical interests
  • Set up report templates and schedule reports to be created automatically
  • Access consolidated data for all hotel sites in a given region, and/or across your chain footprint




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