Hoist Group Conference Tool by VOD Media

Manage Your Conferences Using an Intuitive Web Based Tool

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to meeting requests from your clients can serve as a significant competitive advantage for your hotel.

Our Conference Tool gives you full technical control over your meeting spaces, while allowing you to set up a conference network and customised access codes with just a few mouse-clicks.

The tool is part of our Fusion Internet Advanced offering and delivered through Fusion Platform, which also provides industry-leading TV services as well as your system interfaces for a personalised service delivery.


Effortless service delivery

Setting up a conference used to require a physical on-site intervention from your internet service provider. With our tool, hoteliers you can do the job yourself through a web-based interface. You can:

  • Create time-based events consisting of customisable access codes, customisable wireless networks (SSIDs) and defined groups of the hotel’s wired ports
  • Set the number of participants, the number of devices allowed and access code lifespans
  • Allocate bandwidth and set priorities to ensure an optimal user experience for their valued guests

Benefits for the hotelier

  • Saves time and money: You can now set up the required network access for meetings, conferences and events by yourself
  • You can offer connectivity: The hotelier can offer differentiated access for your meeting rooms vs. your guest rooms

Benefits for the user

  • Instant access
  • Simple, customised access codes that are easy to remember and work with
  • Option to book well in advance and communicate the access code in conference materials ahead of the meeting


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  • Both wireless and wired access, as available on-site
  • Self-service tool for the hotelier to meet various types of requests for network access
  • No ISP intervention required. Hotelier defines the user experience and customises conferences for their clients by allocating bandwidth and setting priority per access code created, or by customising SSID
  • Easily connect non-browser enabled devices such as TVs, printers, routers etc.
  • At the end of each meeting, the network reverts automatically to its original state
  • Professionally managed, centralised solution architecture in the Hoist Group private cloud




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