Hoist Group Cast to TV by VOD Media

Let Your Guests Cast Their Own Content onto the Hotel TV

Enhance the guest experience by letting your guests cast their own content onto the hotel TV simply by using their favorite apps on their device. All they need, to stream their own favorite films, series and games, is their mobile device and the hotel TV.

Any guest device (smartphone/tablets/laptop on IOS/Android/Windows) connects securely and simply to in-room TVs using the Chromecast technology over WiFi (no cables needed).


Benefits for the guest

  • Their own personal content is available
  • Easy to use : 3-steps to start casting
  • Secured environment : private usage and all content is cleared after check-out
  • Compatible with most guest devices
  • Compatible with Major Apps (Netflix, YouTube, TV channels apps etc.)

Benefits for the hotel

  • Unified guest experience no matter which smart device guests are using
  • Increase guest satisfaction and loyalty
  • Flexible solution working on all TV sets with HDMI ports
  • Straightforward deployment and secure usage
  • Dashboard analytics access included


Cast to TV is available bundled or as stand alone

Compatible TV's Major TV Brands All TV's with HDMI ports All TV's with HDMI ports
Subscription TV Basic or TV Advanced license Internet Advanced No other subscription required
Dashboard Widges & usage reports Widgets & usage reports Widget & usage reports


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  • Enhanced and unified guest experience
  • Guest device is secured on room LAN
  • Flexible solution available stand alone or bundled with our Internet and/or TV solution
  • Supports IOS, Android and Windows
  • Straightforward deployment: work with all TVs with HDMI ports
  • Seamless integration of Chromecast dongles
  • Easy to use: 3-step set up
  • Dashboard enables detailed usage statistics and proactive solution monitoring
  • Stream from Netflix, YouTube and 1000+ apps from mobile device to TV




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