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The ubiquity of online access for social, communication and entertainment provision means that the hotel guests of today regard it as the 4th utility, as vital to their stay as heat, light and water. Hoteliers who fail to meet this need fail to serve their guests. Existing infrastructures can’t cope with the number of devices now requiring online access in the average hotel room.

Guests want to enjoy apps, games, movies and search engines, and to send and receive data, emails and images. The general coverage which might once have sufficed is no longer enough. Each room needs to support seamless HSIA.

That’s the challenge VOD Media has risen to meet. Our innovative Wi-Fi & network solution, has been designed, engineered and built from the ground up. Superseding any HSIA product, we have used in the past, and outperforming any being used elsewhere, ours is the only HSIA solution you will even need. It caters to today’s guest and tomorrow’s hotelier, turning Wi-Fi from a problem into a selling point.

A Complete and Flexible Internet Connectivity Solution

Give your guests the freedom to connect all of their devices to the internet whenever and wherever with Fusion Internet, a state of the art WiFi network service.With Fusion Internet you can also dedicate specific bandwidth for your daily business. Fusion Internet is flexible and can be adapted to a large variety of layouts and is suitable for both smaller boutique hotels as well as larger conference hotels.


Seamless connectivity across your hotel and brand

Three different service packages are available to choose from: Fusion Internet LITE delivers the responsive internet authentication page avnd also the hotel service portal to increase your guests’ satisfaction during their stay. The portals are customisable through the powerful Fusion CMS interface. In addition, use the Extranet to administrate users and issue vouchers. Fusion Internet BASIC builds upon the Internet LITE version adding e-mail harvesting and auto-login features as well as a standard Dashboard monitoring system. Fusion Internet ADVANCED includes, in addition to the other packages, tiered product options, interfaces with your PMS and loyalty policies, device management and a Conference Network Tool as well as guest recognition with “Welcome Back” and a “My Connected Space” providing increased network connectivity that feels just like home for your guests.

Target your guests through a purpose-built landing page

The Hotel Service Portal is included in each Fusion Internet Package. This feature offers a fully customisable landing page displaying various modules (Wellness, Restaurant menu, Phone directory, Hotel information, Service Requests, e-shops etc.). Displaying promotional banners for any other service may generate additional revenue and provide satisfaction to your guests. Get the most out of this feature by using it in conjunction with our Fusion Connected TV service. Depending on your objectives, IT policies and the network you currently have in place, we can reuse, redesign or optimise your existing wired or wireless infrastructure.

Enhanced homelike experience

heir usual devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets etc.) to their in-room TV. Cast to TV works on all TV sets with HDMI ports and is easy to use.


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  • Modular capacities for connected devices and bandwidth
  • Automated load balancing and failover
  • Standalone and customisable portals
  • Branded and multilingual guest interfaces
  • Branded and multilingual guest portals
  • Responsive design of your guest portals
  • Choice of free / charged access products per room/ zone/client profile
  • Multiple authentication modes: click to connect, social sign-in, voucher etc.
  • Multi-tier products: free to all, free to guest, Premium etc.
  • Credit Card compliancy
  • Automatic re-login
  • PMS interface
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Conference Network Management Tool
  • Private Area Network (PAN) 'My Connected Space'
  • Cast to TV (extra service)





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