VOD Media Project Process

The VOD Media team has vast experience and knowledge of state of the art technology to successfully complete projects of any size. 

Site Survey

After the initial meeting to asses the needs of a property, the VOD Media team will dispatch an engineer to site to conduct a survey on the infrastructure, from there, recommendations will be made to the client on what they need to do in order to implement the desired system, comply to the brand standards of a specific group, and have a stable network to support systems well into the future.

A full heat map and detailed report on the property’s current Wi-Fi coverage will be performed to ensure that nothing is left to assumption.

Proposal process

VOD Media and Acentic engineers will work closely with the IT and maintenance staff during this phase to ensure all network requirements are met. We will address the priority needs of a system and create a tailor made solution per property.

Pre-installation phase

The design team will embark on a collaboration with the client’s marketing department to keep in line with brand standards when it comes to the look, feel and flow of either the IPTV or Wi-Fi management system. should the property not have brand standards, we shall assist in creating a standard as we have done for some of our previous clients.

Installation phase

This can be planned in conjunction with occupancy levels to ensure the least amount of guest impact is caused. We will design a rollout plan to ensure that there is minimal down time between the removal of the previous system and implementation of the new.

In depth training will be provided to all the relevant steak-holders onsite, from reception staff to the IT and Maintenance engineers.

Rigorous testing and monitoring will be performed through out to ensure the system is at maximum efficiency and stability.

Post installation

VOD Media will assign a regional specific account manager to look after the property’s needs. This will include maintaining the system, providing additional training where it is needed and addressing any queries or issues that may arise. The Account manager will also work in conjunction with the marketing departments to ensure content and features are up to date and easily available.


Systems support is available 24/7. Upon calling the help desk line, should an issue not be able to be resolved. The various account managers and engineers will be notified immediately and will begin the resolution process.


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